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Frog crashes on his way back to Frog Planet and must reclaim his ship by hopping through space.  One-Button Platformer.



Press  [Space] to jump at the right moment.
Press [ESC] during gameplay for options menu.
Gamepads / Controllers are also supported.



Programming / Level Art / Credits Music: @space_bake
Character Sprites: @puppiesandanime

Level Music / Title Music (Free Music Archive):  Komiku
Inspired by a Famicase made by @npckc

Made in GMS2


Post Jam Update Info:

This game was originally made in 48 hours for the 2020 GMTK Game Jam.

I have since updated the game with some improvements, but for the curious the original jam version can be found here.

Here are some of the changes I've made since the Jam Ended:

- Options Menu (Press ESC).
- Controller / Gamepad support.
- New intro / title screen.
- Improved ending sequence.
- Game now runs in fullscreen.
- Resolution increased to give a better view of what's around you.
- Levels altered slightly to accommodate new resolution.
- Various small changes to colours and sound effects.
- Bug fixes.

Rated 4.8 out of 5 stars
(14 total ratings)
Tagsastro, Controller, Cute, Frogs, frogs, GameMaker, jump, planet, Retro, Space
InputsGamepad (any)


astrofrog.zip 25 MB

Install instructions

Just extract the zip and run.

Development log


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I just recently found this game and I love it! Is really fun to play and the colors are easy to look at :D (I really like the "beep??" part, is my kind of humor xD) 

thank you! I’m glad someone finally used the beeper


A well polished, well balanced little game. The pixelart is beautiful and the sound effects are great. I loved meeting the little duck in the end. The screen-shake is the only thing I would change about the game. It's so strong to the point where it actually affects my ability to time the jumps.

Congratulations on the game!


That was soooo cute and fun to play! :D I really loved the atmosphere and games mechanics, and if there was a longer version I would definitely play it!

Made a video - Starts at - 9:22

Really nice art style and great execution of the idea. Controls feel very good.

The screen shake bursts upon impact are a little strong though and can feel quite disorienting at times. Especially when the little frog lands on a very fast spinning sphere/planet where you need quick reaction time, but you also have to figure out first how fast the planet is spinning, but everything is still shaking.


The art style is cute and awesome... And i loved the intro animation a lot...colors are relief to the eyes.. loved the gameplay!! 


aww this looks adorable, the color palette is easy on the eyes and the controls are really simple!


Cute little game :) The art is amazing and the idea is solid! :)
I would love a camera shake slider, it is a little too much sometime.
Also, as the planets are quite simple it is kinda hard knowing the speed of them in the heat of the moment, so some indication might be neccessary!


Thank you! I'm going to add an update with some options. I'll be sure to bear those is mind.