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UPDATE (09/04/2019):

This game is abandoned.

Here's a list of people who managed to beat this demo against all the odds:

King of Soy Milk


Fight your way out of the caverns as Endorous Gimbal, the skeleton engineer.

WARNING: This game is still in early development. Everything seen in this demo is subject (and likely) to change.

This game is quite difficult. If you do not enjoy difficult games, you might want to try something else.

Controls can be changed via the options menu in-game.

Default Keyboard Controls:

  • A = Dash
  • S = Jump / Select
  • D = Attack
  • Enter = Start / Pause

Default Xbox Gamepad Controls:

  • A = Jump/Select
  • B = Dash
  • Right Trigger = Attack.
  • D-Pad = Move.
  • Start = Start/Pause

Please send me details of any bugs you find.

UPDATE (v0.02) notes:

  • Added controller support
  • Controls are now re-mappable via the options menu
  • Sped up the game-over screen by a few seconds.
  • Reduced the distance that Endorous will lurch forward when attacking
  • Crates now respawn when you die.
  • The assassin enemy's projectiles can now be destroyed with your attack.
  • Boulders will no longer one-shot you when they fall on you from above
  • The knights in the corridor before the boss now drop hearts when killed.
  • Fixed a critical bug that could cause the player to die when hit if standing next to a door.

StatusIn development

Install instructions

Just run the .exe


ENDOROUS DEMO (v0.02).exe 3 MB


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sound and graphics are passable
the range on the attack felt pretty good, not too short not too long
I like that one part where you come into the room on a cliff and if you drop down you miss whatever is in the crate and can't go back to get it, good level design
I feel like the character moves a little too slow
you gotta have space be jump though or make the controls customizeable, using S to jump was really fucking weird


name:King of Soy Milk


time: 53:29

I love it!

It's cute and challenging! The button config also reminds me when I played X4 on the PC.

Here's some thoughts, wish could help :)

The first chest of heart sometimes stop spawning.

I somehow miss the checkpoint for a long time until I find out it works.

Do not like the jumpy enemy seems moving randomly.

The big jump+dash dash trap feels kind of frustrating to overcome.

The homing magic ball guy feels overwhelming haha!

Do not like to wait for the mushroom to get smashed.(first introducing the trap)

Do not like to wait for the rock to drop through after the ninja boss section.